Jan Yager, Ph.D.

Business Protocol: How to Survive & Succeed in Business

2nd edition
by Jan Yager, Ph.D.
(Hannacroix Creek Books, 2001;
$21.95 trade paperback,
$34.95 hardcover, 1st edition, Wiley, 1991)


Introduction to Second Edition


  1. How Etiquette Can Make or Break Your Career What Is Your BEQ (Business Etiquette Quotient)? Six Basic Principles of Etiquette
  2. Good Morning-Rise and Shine! Image Do's and Don'ts or Business Dress Being on Time Understanding and Overcoming Lateness Table Manners Speech On the Phone: Telephone Etiquette
  3. Relationships at Work What Makes a Good Manager? Male and Female Work Relationships at Work When a Businesswoman Becomes Pregnant Friend at Work Company Romance
  4. Executive Communcation In Person Effective Communication at Meetings, Conferences, and Seminars Follow-Up: In Person, By Phone, By Letter In Writing
  5. How Your Office Should Look
  6. International Etiquette
  7. The Business Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner
  8. Written Invitations and Executive Entertaining
  9. Types You May Encounter in Work-Related Situations
  10. Business Gift-Giving and Receiving
  11. Giving or Receiving Cards or Notes
  12. End-of-the Day and Weekend Concerns
  13. Job Changes and Etiquette
  14. Etiquette and Ethics: Is There A Connection?
  15. Conclusion

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Some Comments About the 1st edition of Business Protocol by Jan Yager, Ph.D.

"A very helpful book. Jan Yager udnerstands the importance of the human--and well-mannered--side of business."

Letitia Baldrige, etiquette expert


"Business Protocol will help some of us to understand why we may have fallen short of our present career goals, and should help all of us achieve our future expectations."

J.Douglas Phillips
Senior Director, Corporate Planning
Merck & Co., Inc.

"Jan Yager's book deserves a permanent spot on your reference shelf. Indeed, the country-by-country etiquette review is by itself worth the price of admission."

Laurence J.Stybel
Stybel Peabody & Associates

"Nothing short of great. Handles a complex subject in simple, direct language that is refreshing reading. Truly a distinguished accomplishment."

Kenneth A. Snella
Vice President, Administration
Berkshire Electric Cable

"Dr. Yager's book contains a wealth of advice which is invaluable for anyone."

Dorothea Johnson
Protocol Consultant to the World Trade Center Washington DC

"Business Protocol is great. Tells you how, then shows you how."

William Thourlby
Author of Passport to Power

"Your book reminds us of the basic principles that have contiibuted to Steelcase's success."

Larry Sparks
Director, Corporate Sales Support
Steelcase, Inc.

"Basic consideration for others is the key to communicating effectively in business. Jan Yager primes her readers with important information that makes the road ahead smother for ambitious executives."

Camille Lavington
International communications consultant and author, You’ve Only Got Three Seconds

"Jan Yager’s book should be the postgraduate course for every aspirant to a successful business career."

Harold Burson
Chairman, Burson-Marsteller public relations

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