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Workship is the word friendship and workplace expert and sociologist Jan Yager, Ph.D. uses to describe the essential work relationship that is more than an acquaintance but less than a friendship. Who's That Sitting at My Desk? also covers how to start, and maintain, a workship, how to turn a workship into a friendship, if you think that's advantageous, handling with a friendship with your boss or employee, four positive workships that every worker needs, 14 potential foes you may encounter at work and how to deal with them, international concerns, opposite-sex considerations, how to cultivate positive relationships with movers and shakers, dealing with conflict, how to maintain workships or friendships after a job or career change, and lots more. This study is based on more than 100 in-person and phone interviews and an online survey of 400 women and men. Bibliography. Resources. Index.

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  1. Who's That Sitting at My Desk? An Introduction 1
  2. Types of Workplace Relationships 9
  3. How to Start, and Maintain, a Workship 17
  4. Four Key Positive Workships 39
  5. From Workship to Friendship 45
  6. Power Workships/Friendships and Cultural Concerns 73
  7. Opposite-Sex Considerations 89
  8. Dealing with Conflicts 95
  9. Coping with Endings 115
  10. 14 Types of Foes You Might Encounter 131
  11. How Workships and Friendships Help or Hinder Getting a Job or Growing a Business 145
  12. Working from Home or Alone 157
  13. Workplace Relationships Begin at Home 167
  14. School as a Training Ground for Work Relationships 187
  15. Personality Traits You May Find at Work 197
  16. 30 Insights on Workplace Relationships 209
  17. Summing Up 215
    Selected Bibliography 223
    Resources including Websites 231
    Acknowledgments 237
    Index 239
    About the Author 245

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"Jan Yager's Who's That Sitting at My Desk? is the best researched and most useful book on getting along with friends and foes at work I've ever read. Don't go to work without it!"

Don Gabor, best-selling author

"A good read, full of great examples. Use this book as a reference for managing your critical relationships through the journey of life called your career. Keep it permanently in your business library."

Laurence J. Stybel, Ed.D., Stybel Peabody Lincolnshire

"Jan Yager has explored an arena, workplace relationships, and redefined it by clarifying it in a refreshing and eye-opening way. While reading Who's That Sitting at My Desk? I kept thinking, 'Aha, now I see.'"

Jane Pollak, author, Soul Proprietor, past president, Entrepreneurial Women's Network

"This book is destined to become a classic. If you are involved with any form of business, small or large, if you own your own business or are an employee, you will find gold in these pages."

Carl Sanger, principal, Serenity Wealth Management, LLC

"A terrific and enlightening guide to understanding the various types of relationships that exist in the workplace and the ways your career can benefit from them."

Josh Piven, author, The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Work

"In Who's That Sitting at My Desk? Jan Yager offers an invaluable guide for maintaining your workplace relationships in a genuinely rewarding and balanced manner. Bravo!"

Nella Barkley, President, Crystal-Barkley Corporation

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