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Jan Yager, Ph.D.
Jan Yager, Ph.D.
Prolific, award-winning nonfiction, fiction, and children's book author Jan Yager (the former J.L. Barkas), had her first book published by Scribner's when she was 26. Her B.A. is in fine arts, she has a masters in criminal justice, she did a year of graduate work in art therapy, and she earned a Ph.D. in sociology (City University of New York, 1983). A member of the National Speakers Association, the Authors Guild, American Society of Journalists and Authors, and numerous professional associations related to her fields of expertise, Dr. Yager enjoys inspiring others to write -- through her seminars, consulting, and teaching (she has taught writing to elementary school students, at Penn State, and to executives) as well as helping new and seasoned authors to promote their books.
Dr. Yager, who has been conducting her popular Book Promotion Boot Camps since 1999, also consults by phone or in person on writing a book, book promotion, and selling foreign rights.


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How to Write, Sell and Promote Your Book
Do you want to write a book or article and get it published?  Find out more. Book promotion boot camps and book promotion coaching is available.
Writing and Communication
Dr. Yager (Effective Business & Nonfiction Writing) offers suggestions for  more effective business and nonfiction writing.
Miscellaneous Nonfiction Writings
Published nonfiction includes 12+ books: a history of vegetarianism (The Vegetable Passion), Victims, other crime-related writings, Friendshifts, Creative Time Management for the New Millennium, 250+ articles, essays,  "When Time Doesn't Heal the Wound"journals, and Creative Weight Management: An Audio Book.
Miscellaneous Fiction Writings
Published fiction: The Cantaloupe Cat, (illustrated by Mitzi Lyman),   Untimely Death,  poetry ("Farewell, John, John" from The Healing Power of Creative Mourning: Poems); novels co-authored with Fred Yager: Untimely Death and Just Your Everyday People; forthcoming novel: "The Binge"; short stories, novellas, plays, and screenplays.
Speaker Consultant Author Trainer
Jan Yager, Ph.D., PMB #110, 1127 High Ridge Road, Stamford, CT 06905-1203
Phone: 203-968-8098 Fax: 203-968-0193 E-mail: jyager@aol.com
Web Site: www.JanYager.com,   www.JanYager.com/friendship,   www.JanYager.com/writing
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