Art Work

Contact Jan directly for more information about her available art works. Use the Contact Us form on this website.

Here is a sample of Jan’s collages, drawings, and paintings.

Jan Yager grandparents-wedding
Wall-size acrylic on poster boardof grandparents’ wedding in early 1900s
Jan Yager backyard-visitor
“Backyard Visitor” Wall size acrylic painting on canvas, suburban Connecticut backyard with racoon in tree
Jan Yager memories summer home framed
“Memories” Collage 18×24 of childhood summer home in Greenwood Lake, NY (framed)
strength wood collage - by Jan Yager
“Strength” Wood collage, 24×36 (framed)
Jan Yager art work - woman on train reading collage
“Woman on Train Reading,” Collage, 10×15 (framed)