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Dr. Jan YagerMy areas of expertise that I draw on for coaching include:

  • Time management
  • Work relationships
  • Business protocol
  • Friendship
  • How to find the love of your life
  • How to write a book and get it published
  • Book promotion
  • Foreign rights
  • Getting help
  • Self-publishing

Coaching could be just one session, once a week, or for a month or longer. Each coaching program is tailored to the individual client.
Sessions are conducted by phone, Skype, Facebook DM (direct messaging), in-person, e-mail, and/or a combination of those ways of communicating.
I have coached about the above topics over the phone, as well as in-person. Coaching sessions begin with a confidential pre-coaching survey that the client completes. After I’ve reviewed that survey, we have our first coaching session, by phone or in-person. Follow-up may include additional coaching sessions or just sending additional materials by e-mail. If one of my published books is related to our coaching, and the client has not read that book yet, I may send a copy of my book to the client through the regular mail or, if preferred, gift an e-book version.

I also have a 6 Lesson Interactive Time Management Coaching/Training program available. For further details, go to the Training section of this website.


Check out to see if I have any upcoming public seminars or speaking engagements listed that you can find out more about and register for through their online registration system.

I speak before associations, agencies, and in companies throughout the U.S. and internationally including India, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and New Zealand, among other countries.
Inspiring, educating, sharing, motivating: that’s how I approach each and every presentation that I deliver whether it’s a 45-minute keynote, or a 1-1/2 hour workshop, or an all-day seminar. Here are some of my more popular topics for speaking whether it’s a keynote or a workshop:

  • Doing more with less
  • Achieving work-life balance
  • Getting along at work
  • Write your way to the top
  • Handling communications more powerfully and efficiently
  • The healing power of friendship
  • Dealing with friends who wound
  • Business protocol
  • How to Write, Sell, and Promote Your Book
  • How to Have a Happier Workplace
  • Criminal Justice Topics:
    • Crime prevention and victimology – what is victimology? how can understanding victimology make you a less likely victim?
    • Criminology – what do we know about what causes criminal behavior?
    • Penology – how has the prison system evolved in the United States? How does the U.S. system of punishment compare to the rest of the world?


“Creative Time Management” 1 hour presentation
“Speaker was extremely high powered and had an excellent command of the subject.”
—KC, Senior Vice President of HR, Warrantech Corporation

“How to Do More in Less Time and With Less Stress” 1 hour presentation
“Inspiring.” —D, Lillian Vernon Corporation
“I truly learned a great deal regarding how to organize my life better.” —NOVA Group
“Concise, well-presented, and useful.” —NOVA Group
“Very informative, but also entertaining to listen to…”—CS, Kilpatrick Stockton LLP
“Amusing and real.”—KL, Kilpatrick Stockton LLP
“Good reflective information.”—RLH, Kilpatrick Stockton LLP



This all-day program starts with a brief overview, followed ice breakers, a discussion about why time management is more important than ever before. It covers determining just how efficient the attendee is; body clock and work style self-awareness; goal setting and prioritizing; getting organized; identifying and dealing with top time wasters; dealing with distractions and interruptions; making the most of meetings; and more.

Source: Delivering Time Management for IT Professionals: A Trainer’s Manual by Dr. Jan Yager (Packt Publishing, 2015).

Please note: This all-day time management training is also available in the following formats:

  • Two half-days
  • 10-week course (one topic weekly)
  • Two-day comprehensive training (retreat)
  • 90-minute condensed version (GPS – G = Goal setting P = Prioritizing S = Self-management: handling distractions and interruptions)


An all-day seminar that covers everything from putting together the perfect press kit to using social media effectively to get publicity to contacting radio hosts and TV bookers to get on shows.
“I’ve had seven books published by Harcourt, Inc. and know more than the
average bear about how to promote my books. However, Jan Yager is
*not* the average bear. After taking her Book Promotion Boot Camp a
few years ago, I recommended it to everyone, from complete strangers,
to writers who are dear friends. It’s an incredibly valuable learning
experience, and if you actually follow through on her suggestions and
tips, your book sales are bound to feel the effect. Jan Yager’s
expertise is so extensive and unique that after I took her Boot Camp, I
hired her for a one-on-one consultation. She gave me insightful
suggestions and ideas on how to promote a specific book, and continued
to support me above and beyond the call of duty. She’s dedicated,
enthusiastic, and well versed in what she does, and I, as well as my
books, are better for having worked with her.” —Katie Davis (


Conducted in the Fall and Spring semesters at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, here is what was covered in the 1 hour version presented to 15 students in March 2017:

  1. How to give more effective presentations
  2. How to better manage your time
  3. How to write more effectively
  4. Becoming a lifelong learner


Spend a day with Dr. Jan Yager and work on your friendship and communication skills! Attend with a friend or go by yourself and meet some new friends!

This friendship retreat could be done locally or regionally or, if enough attendees want to go to the same destination, it could become a destination event—New Delhi, Paris, London, Venice, or wherever the group agrees on!

Here are just some of the topics we’ll cover in this unique retreat, available as a half-day or all-day event:

  • You’ve relocated to a new community. How do you go about making new friends?
  • Social media. The do’s and the don’ts of social media when it comes to your current, previous, or potential friendships. Should you let your work or professional network be part of your personal Facebook or other social media account?
  • Body language: What might you be doing in social situations that causing people to be pushed away, or brought toward you?
  • Books and films about friendship. Let’s share.
  • The 14 top friendship challenges and how to deal with each one including what to do when your significant other can’t stand your best friend or what to do if your closest friend starts pulling away and connecting to someone else and she leaves you out?
  • The top 10 friends everyone needs and how to go about finding and cultivating each and every one (if you don’t have those friends in your network already).
  • Friendship Myths and Truths
  • Going on a trip with your friend…without hurting your relationship.
    and lots more

To book Jan Yager as a coach, contact Jan directly at To book Jan as a speaker, contact your favorite speaker bureau or e-mail Jan directly at You may also phone Jan in Connecticut: 1-203-968-8098.

Check out to see if I have any upcoming public seminars or speaking engagements listed that you can find out more about and register for through their online registration system.

About the coach/speaker
Jan Yager, who holds a Ph.D. in sociology from The City University of New York Graduate Center, has been speaking on business and relationship issues for more than three decades. A prolific writer, Jan is the award-winning author of more than 40 books, translated into more than 34 languages, including seven on time management, three on work relationships, and four on friendship: Work Less, Do More; Put More Time on Your Side; 365 Daily Affirmations for Time Management; Creative Time Management; Who’s That Sitting at My Desk?, Friendshifts®, When Friendship Hurts, 365 Daily Affirmations for Friendship; Productive Relationships; The Fast Track Guide to Losing Weight and Keeping It Off, The Fast Track Guide to Speaking in Public, Making Your Office Work for You, Business Protocol, Effective Business and Nonfiction Writing, Career Opportunities in the Publishing Industry, Road Signs on Life’s Journey, and others. Her books are based on extensive original research including in-person and phone interviews, surveys, and observations. She’s traveled throughout the United States and internationally in search of memorable anecdotes, examples, and facts for her research and to incorporate into her writing and her presentations.

In addition to graduate work in art therapy at Hahnemann Medical College, Dr. Yager received a master’s degree in criminal justice from the Goddard College Graduate Program and a BA in fine arts from Hofstra University. She has taught sociology, criminology, and writing courses at Penn State, Temple University, St. John’s University, the University of Connecticut and, most recently, beginning in August 2014, in the Department of Sociology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York.

A work and relationship expert and coach, Jan’s been interviewed often on major TV and radio shows or quoted in magazines, newspapers, or online publications, including The View, the Today show, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, Oprah, CBS Sunday Morning, ABC Nightline, The O’Reilly Factor, National Public Radio, BBC radio, CNN, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Independent on Sunday, the Toronto Star, Parade, Time,, etc. Jan is a member of numerous professional associations including the American Society of Criminology, Women’s Media Group, the Authors Guild, the Dramatists Guild, ASJA, the Women’s National Book Association, the Stamford Art Association, and others.

In 2006, she was awarded an Alumni of the Year Award from The City University of New York Graduate Center. In 2016, Jan receiving the Mentoring Excellence Award from the Department of Sociology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York.

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