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Making Your Remote Office Work for You

An example of a home office, courtesy of Shutterstock – New Africa photo contributor

by Jan Yager, Ph.D.

Whereas remote work was previously associated with freelancers as well as consultants and the self-employed, those working for companies and corporations of all sizes are working remotely anywhere from one to two or more days a week. Even though beginning in 2022 an untold number of workers were mandated to return to their traditional outside offices some or all of the work week, for so many working remotely some or all of the time has become a reality.

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Seven Fundamental Steps to Becoming More Productive


by Jan Yager, Ph.D.

Many of you may have read one or more books on time management – maybe even one of mine! – or you have read articles about it, or even attended an in-person workshop or an online webinar. That’s great! But even if you have a basic knowledge about time management, reminding yourself about these seven ways to greater productivity should prove helpful to you. For some of you, this information and approach to managing your time may be new. That’s fine too!

Whatever your starting point, here is what I have observed over the decades I have researched, written about, and conducted workshops on time management that are the seven essentials’ ways to make yourself more productive at work: Continue reading Seven Fundamental Steps to Becoming More Productive

Jan Yager’s F-I-N-I-S-H System to Help You With Your Unfinished Tasks*


*Excerpted from Chapter 6 of How to Finish Everything You Start: Understanding the Causes of the Unfinished Epidemic, Its Cures, and When Choosing Not to Finish Is Okay (published by Hannacroix Creek Books).

finish system
Courtesy of Shuttesrtock Photo contributor Christian Horz

Here’s the F-I-N-I-S-H acronym and what it stands for:

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reading on train

15 Tips to Making Time to Read a Book

Jan Yager, Ph.D.

If you ask someone why he or she has not read a book, either a novel or non-fiction, in a while, the answer is usually “Because I just don’t have enough time.” That same person would have no trouble finding the time when asked to read a book or article for work. It’s what we might call “reading for pleasure” that falls by the wayside because work and other personal commitments seem to take up all our time.

What some of us fail to realize or simply forget is how much reading can enrich our lives.

Yes, reading a novel, a short story, a biography, a political nonfiction book, a self-help guide, a memoir, a children’s book, or even a poem or book of poetry, can be pleasurable. But it’s also much more than that. Continue reading 15 Tips to Making Time to Read a Book

Making Time for What Matters Most

I recently conducted a workshop on “Self Management in a 24/7 World” and asked attendees to think about their job and what they really should be focused on as their priority concern. I then asked them to assess, honestly, how much time they spent each day on that priority task. One woman raised her hand enthusiastically and said the most important use of her time is to be prospecting for new customers. But when I asked how much time did she spend each day on that she said “Zero.” That’s right. The most important thing she should be doing was taking up none of her time. Sound incredulous? (She obviously hadn’t yet read my new book Work Less, Do More). Continue reading Making Time for What Matters Most