Published articles by Jan Yager (a/k/a J.L. (Janet Lee) Barkas)

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Business Topics (Posted at, the website of Inc. magazine)

“I Don’t Have Enough Time”
“Making Time for What Matters Most”
“Where Does Your Time Go?”

How to Avoid Ponzi Schemes
Cleaning Up the Clutter: Time for Boomers to Take Charge of Their Possessions and Mental Stuff

The articles that follow were originally published at They are no longer available online. Please contact me at if you wish to read and/or reprint any of these articles which are also being compiled into a book.

“Boomers Becoming Their Own Bosses”
“Boomers Looking for Work”
“Don’t Outlive Your Money: 7 Ways to Stretch Your Assets to Match Your Longevity”
“Digging Out of Debt and Surviving the Downturn”
“How to Get the Most Out of Social Security”

Originally published at
How to Overcome Your Procrastination and Finish Writing Your Book- Part One (February 1, 2016)
“How to Overcome Your Procrastination and Finish Writing Your Book- Part Two” (February 8, 2016)
15 Ways to (Help) Promote Your Friend’s Book (September 9, 2013)
15 More Ways to Champion Your Friend’s Book – Part 2 (January 16, 2014)
Keep Going! 15 More Ways to Support Your Friend’s Book (September 30, 2013)

How to Stop Postponing Your Life (Working Women)
“What to Do if You’re Fired.” Parade
“Five Top Time Wasters.” Redbook
“Sprucing Up for Spring.” Woman’s Day
“Beat the Clock,” American Baby (reprinted in Australia)
“Savvy Students Make the Most of Breaks.”
“Time Management Is Critical to Job Hunting,”
“Let time management work for your career,”
The importance of college friendships ( (two parts)
“The Early Bird Gets the Job Offer,”
“Groundwork is the Key to Good Press Coverage.”
“Time bandits,” Working Woman
“How to Stop Postponing Your Life” Working Woman
“A New Trend: Job Sharing.” McCall’s
“Time Management,” American Careers
“Permanent Delegation,” EXEC
“’Survival on Ice-Box Island’ & other Economic Lessons for Kids.” Across the Board
“Personality Tests: Grading Job Graduates” Newsday
“To Bring Order to Your Desk, File or Discard Unneeded Items,” Baltimore Sun
“Taking My Hits, Following My Dream.” Newsday
“Office Communications: Getting the Message Across.” Newsday
“Shaping Up to Avoid Shipping Out of Job.” Newsday
“Ten Unbecoming Ways to Get Yourself Kicked Out of Your Job.” Newsday
“Making Your Commute Time-Efficient.” New York Daily News
“Uniform Trend Makes Mark Across America.” Chicago Tribune, INA/United Media
“Use Better Writing to Boost Your Career.” National Business Employment Weekly (NBEW)
“Is Someone Trying to Block Your Advancement at Work?” NBEW
“Mind Your Manners.” National Business Employment Weekly cover story
“A Guide to Proper Job-Search Etiquette,” National Business Employment Weekly
“Working Smart in Your First Job.” National Business Employment Weekly
“Remember, the Office Comes with the Job.” National Business Employment Weekly
“Creative Time Management.” Secretary magazine
“How to Improve Your Time-Management Skills,” Bottom Line/Business
“Five Essential Steps to Becoming More Productive.” Boardroom Reports
You and Your Leisure Time (Bottom Line Personal)

Relationships (friendship, parenting, singleness, marriage, sexuality)

“Are You Vain?” (Ladies Home Journal)
“Is She a Toxic Friend?” (Ladies Home Journal)
“On Being Single,” Newsday
“Her AdBroughtLove and Marriage,” NEA syndicate
“Finding Friendship,” ParentGuide, September 1997
“Fight Right, Now!” Cosmogirl
Boomer Love: How is the ‘Free Love’ Generation Doing Now?
Seven Tips for Improving Your Boomer Friendships
Boomers Face Challenges Relating to Other Generations
“How Well Do You Handle Change?” Seventeen; repr. Beauty Digest
“How Do You Break Up with a Friend?” Allure
“Dual Career Couples,” Modern Bride; Repr. Los Angeles Times Syndicate
“Marriage and Friendship,” Modern Bride
“Why New Mothers Need New Friends,” McCall’s (repr. In Australia)
“The Power of Friendship,” Executive Update
“Finding Love Through the Personals,” Cleo (Australia)
“Making Friends” Personal Excellence
“How to Stay Friends with Your Mate,” American Baby
“Mixing Business with Friendship” (cover story), NBEW
“Friendship at Work,” Personal Excellence
Friendship Throughout Life. New York: Public Affairs Committee booklet, 1983.
“Perspective on Friendship,” Sociological Practice, International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, Vol. 18, No. 1, 1998
“Do You Abandon Your Life When He Comes Along?” Scripps-Howard, April 1984
“India” (Penthouse Forum)
“New Woman Meets Old Morality” (International Journal of Human Relations)
“Two’s Company, How About Three?” (Penthouse Forum)
“When to Confess Your Affair…And When Not To” (Sexology)

Health, Nutrition, and Food

The articles that follow were originally published at The articles that follow are no longer available online. Please contact me at if you wish to read and/or reprint any of these articles which are also being compiled into a book.

“Boomerific: Helping Boomers Deal with Aging”
“How to Live Better and Longer: 15 Ways Boomers Can Improve the Quality and the Length of Their Lives”
“Heart Health for Boomers”
“How to Keep Your Brain in Shape”
“Boomers Coming Face to Face with Alzheimer’s”
“Don’t Overlook the Health Benefits of Sleep”
“Role Reversal for Boomers: Caring for Your Aging Parents”

Additional articles published in a variety of publications

Lupus: Why Doctors Often Miss It (Woman’s Day)
“Time to Lose,” Fit
“Vegetarian Main Dishes.” Family Circle
“The New Vegetarians,” McCall’s
“It’s Super Vegetable!” Family Health
“It’s Versatile! It’s Nutritious! It’s Yogurt!” Family Health
“New FDA Rulings.” Congressional Record
“What You Should Know About Lecithin,” Health Food & Nutrition News
“America’s Fun Food (Ice Cream),” Health Food & Nutrition News
Thanksgiving: A Culinary Choice (Vista magazine) (includes Jan’s original recipes for a meatless meal)
“Personal Crisis Versus the Job” Los Angeles Times
“When Time Doesn’t Heal the Wounds,” Survivors
“Crisis Time Management.” New York Times syndication release
“The Media: Therapy Between the Pages,” Human Behavior
“Holiday Stress: Coping with Year-End Crush.” Newsday

Multiple/Miscellaneous Topics

A Legal Wake Up Call for Boomers
“Boomer Manifesto: Don’t Trust Anyone Under 50” (consumer column)
Advice columnist, New Woman, April-October
“Help! How to Cope with It All,” Redbook


“Frau Wagner,” Opera News
“Face to Face with the Planner of the Third Reich: An Interview with Albert Speer,” Contemporary Review
“Smart Moves,” Harper’s
“Famous Classmates: Their First Time in Print.” McCall’s
Who’s Who in East Hampton Part One: Artists (Willem de Kooning, Lee Krasner, Alfonso Ossorio, John Little, IbramLassaw, Julian Levi, and Saul Steinberg.)
“Who’s Who in East Hampton” Part Two: Entertainers (Carlos Montoya, Eli Wallach, Gwenn Verdon, Cliff Robertson, and Dina Merrill) Paumanok magazine


“11 Travel Tips for Boomers” ( – Boomerific column)
“Boomer Getaways for All Budgets, Schedules, and Seasons” ( – Boomerific column)
“How Boomers are Deciding Where to Live for the Rest of Their Lives” ( – Boomerific column)
“A Crash Course in Underconsumption,” Harper’s
No Boundaries to Hatred, New York Times Op-ed page
“Vacation: Working on Peace of Mind.” Newsday
“Adventure Travel for Kids.” INA/Times Herald
“When ‘Sorry’ Isn’t Enough: How to Get Results (travel complaints)” INA/Miami Herald
“Something Inside Me Cried Out for India.” Times of India


“Adapting to Violence” (trip to Belfast), The New Leader
“Payment in Lives,” New York Times, Letter to the Editor
“Let’s Give Crime Victims Their Due.” Newsday
“Precaution Best Defense Against Crime in the Office,” Newsday
“Murders Followed by Suicide,” INA/United Media, Sept. 1980
“Murder on Our Minds,” Washington Star, Dec. 12, 1980
“Viewpoint.” Glamour
Understanding the Criminal Justice System, NY: Public Affairs Committee booklet
Protecting Yourself Against Crime, NY: Public Affairs Committee booklet

Theatre Reviews

Back Stage newspaper (freelance theater critic, 7 years)