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15 Tips to Making Time to Read a Book

Jan Yager, Ph.D.

If you ask someone why he or she has not read a book, either a novel or non-fiction, in a while, the answer is usually “Because I just don’t have enough time.” That same person would have no trouble finding the time when asked to read a book or article for work. It’s what we might call “reading for pleasure” that falls by the wayside because work and other personal commitments seem to take up all our time.

What some of us fail to realize or simply forget is how much reading can enrich our lives.

Yes, reading a novel, a short story, a biography, a political nonfiction book, a self-help guide, a memoir, a children’s book, or even a poem or book of poetry, can be pleasurable. But it’s also much more than that. Continue reading 15 Tips to Making Time to Read a Book

10 Steps to Finishing Your Book

Techniques for overcoming your procrastination about finishing your book.
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Yes, there are lots of valid reasons to take more time to finish your book. You’re really still writing it. You need to do more research that is vital to your book. You need to put it aside and return to it with a fresh eye. You’re exhausted from working all week and need to relax on the weekends, not work on your book.

But there comes a time when you have to face the music and realize that you’re actually putting off finishing your book because you’re procrastinating.

If that’s the case with you and your book, here are some suggestions that might help you break through your “finishing block” so you can go to the next step with your book, e.g. getting published: Continue reading 10 Steps to Finishing Your Book