Art Work

Art work by Dr. Jan Yager

I’ve had two solo shows and I’ve also been in some group shows, over the years. The first show was in March 1976 at the National Arts Club in Manhattan. The second show was from March 25-April 15, 2017 at the Stamford Art Association Townhouse Gallery, Stamford, Connecticut.

The Stamford Advocate published an article by freelance journalist Patricia Hines about me and my art work that appeared online and in print. Here is a link to the online article, which displays several of my works from that show:

Both shows displayed selected paintings, drawings, and collages as well as prints.

I have been adding my work to the www.saatchiart.comonline gallery for display and sale. At this website, I’m including a sample of my works that are available for sale. You will find a more comprehensive representation at

I have had to call myself “drjanyager” in my profile at to avoid being confused with the well-known jeweler and artist based in Philadelphia, Jan Yager. What a coincidence that we are both artists with the same name! I wanted to explain why I need to use the “Dr Jan Yager” name related to my art in some situations.

I majored in fine arts at Hofstra University and, as noted in my “About Jan” bio, I was chosen as the Art Student of the Year. At Hofstra I took painting, printmaking, sculpture, art history, and design courses. My art training actually goes back further, however. I took art at Francis Lewis High School, in Fresh Meadows, New York; I have my first painting from the age of 14, when I was a sophomore.

After graduating Hofstra, I took two graduate art history courses at Temple University. This was before smartphones would provide an easy way of recording images for review. Back then, to help me review the key art works from the course #141, “Nineteenth Century Art,” taught by Assistant Professor James Slayman, I rendered96 original sketches — some more detailed than others — of the 250 art works that were cited in the course. (I really enjoyed that course! Got an A.)


Following Temple University, I did a year of graduate work in art therapy at Hahnemann Medical College before deciding to instead of art therapy, to begin my careers in publishing, writing, and academia. But my art work would be something I would continue to do in my spare time. Once I started my own publishing company, I also used my own art for covers to various books and journals, even including it in the interior of the popular Birthday Tracker & Journal, using 12 original art works in-between each month of the year. The Birthday Tracker & Journal is available in paperback or hardcover. The originals of the interior art works, as well as the collage that graced the cover, are available for sale as well through or directly by contacting me at

To see more of my work on display, and for sale, go to:

When people learn that I’m an artist as well as a writer, the next question is often, “Which do you prefer to do?” “Why do I have to choose?” I see both art and writing as starting from the same point: a blank page or a blank canvas. It’s exciting and very fulfilling to create an image with paint, markers, or other art supplies, as an art work or, if I’m writing, to share information, or, if I’m writing fiction, to create

“Beautiful flowers with blue background” Paper collage, 8×10

“Backyard with Bird feeder, Duck and Bridge” 1999. Drawing (mixed media, felt tip and watercolor markers) 5×7

“Self-portrait with necklace” Acrylic painting, framed. 22×24.

“Flowers in Vase” Linoleum block with collage elements. 5×7

“Woman in India” Acrylic on canvas. Framed. 18×24.

“Cat in the window” Acrylic on canvas with blinds.

“Upper East Side Building, Manhattan” 8×10. 1981. Mixed media-paper collage with white paint.

“Flowers on Purple Background” 9/10/1985. 8.5×13. Paper collage.

“Greenwood Lake, New York, Summer Home.” 8.5×10.5 Mixed media paper collage.


“Waste” 1968. 22×43. Pastel, colored chalk, and felt tip marker on paper. Framed.


To see more of my work on display, and for sale, go to: