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A Messy Desk Isn’t a Sign of Genius, It’s a Sign of a Messy Desk

There used to be a theory that a messy desk was a sign of genius. Now we see a messy desk as a sign of someone who’s disorganized.

Sometimes you get really busy and it’s easy for files and papers to pile up on your desk. That’s understandable. But here are some reasons you should take the time to clear off your desk: Continue reading A Messy Desk Isn’t a Sign of Genius, It’s a Sign of a Messy Desk

Making Time for What Matters Most

I recently conducted a workshop on “Self Management in a 24/7 World” and asked attendees to think about their job and what they really should be focused on as their priority concern. I then asked them to assess, honestly, how much time they spent each day on that priority task. One woman raised her hand enthusiastically and said the most important use of her time is to be prospecting for new customers. But when I asked how much time did she spend each day on that she said “Zero.” That’s right. The most important thing she should be doing was taking up none of her time. Sound incredulous? (She obviously hadn’t yet read my new book Work Less, Do More). Continue reading Making Time for What Matters Most

Dr. Jan Yager’s Friendship Oath

People with their hands together. team work conceptFor this blog, I am reprinting the Friendship Oath I created that was initially published in my book about work relationships including friendships at work, Who’s That Sitting at my Desk? The oath evolved after I was asked a simple question about what should you expect in a friendship by an interviewer for the CBS morning show that we were taping. That question led me to create the Friendship Oath. We already have an oath for marriage that states what our expectations are for that key connection. Why not have one for friendship? Continue reading Dr. Jan Yager’s Friendship Oath

25 Ways to Monetize Your Expertise

For most authors, unless a book is a huge bestseller, it is challenging to make a living from book sales alone. We authors often supplement our income by giving speeches on subjects we’ve become expert in, or getting hired as consultants and coaches. But why stop there? The idea of better monetizing our skills also doesn’t have to end with the written or spoken words, or service providers, such as coaches and consultants, especially if you have other artistic talents, such as painting or music.

Here are 25 ways to monetize your expertise: Continue reading 25 Ways to Monetize Your Expertise

10 Steps to Finishing Your Book

Techniques for overcoming your procrastination about finishing your book.
Note: This blog is a shortened and edited version of a longer article on this theme, originally posted at www.indiereader.com

Yes, there are lots of valid reasons to take more time to finish your book. You’re really still writing it. You need to do more research that is vital to your book. You need to put it aside and return to it with a fresh eye. You’re exhausted from working all week and need to relax on the weekends, not work on your book.

But there comes a time when you have to face the music and realize that you’re actually putting off finishing your book because you’re procrastinating.

If that’s the case with you and your book, here are some suggestions that might help you break through your “finishing block” so you can go to the next step with your book, e.g. getting published: Continue reading 10 Steps to Finishing Your Book